Outstanding Sample of Statement of Purpose for Economics Masters

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The statement of purpose is an integral part of your application. To write a strong essay, you need to write about your professional and strong academic credentials. You can read a statement of purpose for masters sample for more details. You may also want to check out some tips on how to write a masters statement of purpose.

General Information on What the Statement of Purpose Should Include

Your economics PhD statement of purpose is your chance to sell yourself. In writing, you need to answer the specific questions given by the program. You also have to keep in mind using plain and simple words and proofread your essay before submission.

Tips for Writing the Statement of Purpose

  • Talk about your strengths: You need to check for a sample of statement of purpose for master degree in economics before you start writing to get ideas on how you should talk about your strengths. In here, you can write about your accomplishments and demonstrate why you are a strong candidate for the program.
  • Do your homework: Aside from checking a sample statement of purpose for economics masters, you also need to do your homework, and that is to know the questions that you need to answer. Also, you must check for more details about the program to which you are applying. You also have to know how you can qualify for the admission.
  • Be specific: In writing the statement of purpose PhD economics, you need to include examples of both professional and academic achievements. You need to be the focus in writing your academic qualifications. 
  • Connect the dots: There are schools who are evaluating applicants based on their work experience and academic record. With that, you need to connect the dots when explaining. One idea should be connected to the next. You also have to make sure that your economics statement of purpose flows naturally.
  • Know what the admission committee is seeking: It is important to read an economics PhD SoP sample, but it is also essential to know what the selectors want. You should also read the best masters programs prompt carefully and plan your SoP before you start writing to make sure that you can write one that is persuasive and effective.
  • Personal: If you are applying for economics education program, you are required to submit an essay. In writing the essay, you need to make it personal as possible. It should be about yourself, not about your employer, friends or family. 
  • Keep anecdotes focused: It is common for economics research PhD school applicants to begin their essays with a story of what happened when they were young. It may be an event that made a big impact in their lives. It may be about someone that has inspired them to become the person that they are now. If you want to include it, you may want to use it in the opening sentence. 
  • Know the program: You need to know enough details about the best masters program so that you can write an effective statement of purpose. You need to know whether the school has close-knit traditional college or if it is located in the heart of the city.

Economics PhD Statement of Purpose Length

If you use a statement of purpose outline template, it is a good idea to check out how great ones can be written. Regarding the length of the SoP, it should not be longer than two pages. If you want a shorter essay, then one-page essay is also good. To know more about the page limit, you may want to check on the official website of the school and take note of the rules including word count required.

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Requirements of Economics Statement of Purpose

There are questions you need to answer in your essay, which include:

  • What is special, distinctive or unique about you?
  • What life event shaped you?
  • When did you become interested in the field? What are those steps you have taken showing your passion and interest in it?
  • Why did you choose the school?

These are only some of the questions you need to consider in writing your essay. The statement of purpose is an essential element of the application process because it lets the selectors know more about you. With that, you need to write about your passion, talent and experiences. Before writing, brainstorm on what to write and create an outline. Finally, remember the tips shared above for the best statement.

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